A Roadmap to Unknown Regions of our Mind

Our consciousness is built like a multi-story palace.

    The higher the floor, the more we see of the sur­rounding scenery.

    On the roof we have full view of the entire panorama and unobstructed access to the sky.

    Yet in the present situation of the world almost everyone lives in the basement with no windows to the outside.

    Why ?

    Easy - the world simply forgot that higher levels of consciousness exist.

    This is the only reason for this restriction, everyone is capable of living on any of the higher floors at any time he or she chooses.

    This website shows how to gain access to these forgotten layers of our consciousness.



How to go about it ?

Like in many adventures, it is a long lost map that shows the road to unknown regions of our mind. This map surfaced in an ancient Indian manuscript originating far beyond recorded history. It supplies a detailed chart how our consciousness is built.

    The scripture meticulously describes 14 stages human beings experience while exploring higher levels of awareness, - stages as accessible now as at the time the manuscript was written.

    How do these higher stages feel like ?
    And how can we access them ?


STEP ONE - Identifying the stage we PRESENTLY experience

Each of the 14 stages makes us experience a number of mecha­nisms (themes) that are unique to that level. Once we detect these themes and mechanisms in our life, we can easily identify what stage we focus on at present.

A kind advice to everyone reading these lines the first time: - Be safe to assume that you spend most your time in Stage 1 - no matter how spiritually active you are, how long you practice yoga, meditate etc.

    Discovering more fascinating levels of our exis­tence is infinitely easier, if we do not imagine our starting-point to be a stage where we would like to be, but which we really haven't reached (yet).

    Once we know where we are, we can easily identify and end all - uncomfortable - themes of life (dissolve the corresponding desires and fears) that retain our focus on our present level - if this is what we desire.


STEP TWO - Finding out which HIGHER stages we have insights in ALREADY NOW

We all experience brief, intense moments in which our aware­ness all of a sudden shifts to a radically different mode of operation - irrespective of the level we currently focus on.

    These are moments of extraordinary clarity during which we seem to wake up from the constant hustle-bustle of daily life. These moments are very brief, but usually highly agreeable and we mostly also remember that we experienced them 3 to 6 weeks ago as well.

    Flashes of this kind occur quite often, yet nobody ever talks about them, and so we generally ignore them and continue with our usual activities as if they never happened.

    Yet as fleeting as these experiences may be, they never­theless
  • give us a taste how higher stages feel like
  • they prove that we are definitely capable of experiencing higher stages
  • and they show that our awareness spontaneously  tends to activate higher functions. We only need to recognize, amplify and stabilize this natural ability.
    Being aware of the characteristics of higher stages enables us to identify which stages open up during our flash-insights.


Dynamic moves

How we reach higher regions is specified in detail for each stage in the following section. All that is required is willingness to comprehend and to invest energy into this venture. We don't need outside help, - no guru, nor any kind of organization, nor any special preparation.

    The mechanisms we employ differ fundamentally from stage to stage. The way we e.g. progress from Stage 1 to Stage 4 will not give access to Stage 5 as well.

    We do not have to 'climb' the 14 stages one after the other. There's no need to 'complete' one stage first before we progress to a higher one.

    Flash-insights into higher stages inform us how previously unknown regions of our consciousness feel like. They show us what to expect on broader and deeper levels. They inspire us to seek out these areas again. Moves between distant stages (up­ward as well as downward) considerably accelerate our devel­op­ment - if we recognize and put attention to this mechanism.

    We do not gain access to higher stages by 'accumulating knowledge' on the level we currently experience.

    The mechanism is entirely different:
Once we completed the themes one particular level offers, our interest in this level dissolves. Our attention then automatically shifts to a higher stage - like we grew out of small children's' games into the far vaster world of a grown-up.

    Only Stage 1 and 4 permit an indefinite duration of stay. All other stages last limited time.


ALL stages make up the fabric of our personality

Never discount anyone who presently experiences a 'lower' stage. In the end it is the experience of all stages that makes up the fabric of our character we are building during bodily manifestations.

    While on a higher stage we may recognize the - temporary - experience of a lower stage as being essential for further growth, and then voluntarily immerse ourselves into the greater emotional density and lesser comprehension of the lower stage just for this very purpose.

    The more we know how consciousness unfolds, the more sympathy we feel for all the paths this process triggers.


Practical Tips

  • Let go of the idea that expanding your awareness is complicated, tedious, difficult, and may require renunciation or some kind of 'special technique'.

        Our consciousness unfolds as naturally, easily and automatic as we grew from a newborn child into our present form - if we only allow it to happen.

  • Get familiar with the functions and characteristics of the 14 Stages - i.e. with the very mechanism of your life

  • Determine which stage you mainly focus on at present

  • Identify the stages you access during flash-insights

  • Be certain that you truly experience higher stages during your flash-insights

  • Identify which desires (and dreads) retain your focus on your current stage

  • Finalize the themes of life (neutralize those desires and dreads) that block access to higher functions of your consciousness

  • On all stages above Stage 1, we clearly recognize who is on our present stage - and who focuses on lower ones.

        We may or may not be able to identify someone on higher levels, depending on how far we open ourselves to this perception.

        There is one rule however: - Whoever claims to experience higher levels, for sure is not there.

        The urge to impress others with one's superior status exists only in STAGE 1. On all higher stages we realize the utter irrelevancy of vanity. We simply won't waste time on showing off, because we are far too busily engaged in our expansion.

Or - more poetic -

Never battle narrow ideas

- spread your wings
and soar to the infinity
of your own being . . .

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Author:  Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

Copyright 2008 Crosswind Publishing, Wunstorf, Germany

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