The Project

Are you ready for a trip into the unknown ? -
  • for a journey of high adventure - with unknown outcome and fabulous novel experiences
  • for meeting new, spirited people with similar sparkle and vivacity, who also explore these new, unknown dimensions of life
  • for facing all you ever desired - and much more
Are you ready - and strong enough - to expand your life beyond all imagination - and possibly change other lives as well in consequence?

- Then read on -



There's more - far more - to life than money !


As you shift focus to higher levels, the more proficient you become in shaping your life and environment along your very own ideas and desires.

    You then re-evaluate how to invest the precious energy at your disposal -

  • what kind of people you really want to spend time with
  • what you really want to explore, experience, enjoy
  • what powers and abilities you really want to have, and  
  • what you really want to know, have insights in, become a master of

    And - if in this process you start to feel that YOUR aspirations are different - higher - than those of the people surrounding you, or of the society you currently live in, - and if you intend to really go for manifesting these ambitions in your life, - then this project here might just be what you are looking for.

    Societies are ever only interested in maintaining their current stagnant status quo, - but YOU want to expand, to grow, to experience infinitely more than these narrow limits permit.

    Here it helps immensely to know others venturing into the same direction, supporting your endeavour with resources and fresh ideas, - whom YOU can assist in THEIR strife for higher levels. - Remember - this is entirely new territory, its existence forgotten thousands of years, its paths unmarked, its map only rediscovered a brief time ago.

    Thus the first task at hand is to


    Find others also intent on discovering these new dimensions, on exploring the full breadth of their being, - who also are keen to experience what's waiting beyond the limits of their known circle of life. -

   - Find others who also show the spark ! -

    Together it's far easier to grow, to reach wider, higher levels, to manifest  dreams. Together power multiplies.


Energy Signature


It's easy to recognize others. Just look at a person's Energy Signature.

    Every being openly displays its Energy Signature. That's nothing esoteric, but a kind of impartial mental and emotional passport. Everyone perceives it all the time, though presently few people are aware of this.

    The signature manifests e.g. as that initial feeling when you meet someone the very first time. This brief flash of feeling makes you intuitively aware whether this person will be enjoyable or boring,  inspiring or irrelevant, or if he or she inevitably will cause trouble for you later.
    When falling in love, the other's energy signature alerts you to the intense emotions that lie ahead.

    The higher the level you focus on, the clearer you perceive the (inner) state of the being before you, - the energy at his disposal, - the intensity and drive with which he makes his dreams come true, or the lethargy with which he clings to stagnant situations, - his willingness to learn and to expand beyond his present limits, - his deepest intentions, - his life's potential, - and so much more.

    The energy signature is a snapshot of everything a person IS NOW and thus also of everything he or she ever manifested in the past.

    And you can see it in the face as well - no amount of cosmetics will ever conceal this inner core; - it also shows in their bearing, - what words they select, - the manner of their movements, - and even in their smell.

    The deeper you dare to explore this plain, open information, the more precise impressions you get, and the easier you'll recognize who shows the spark.

    Never expect to find perfect, accomplished beings when looking for others. Most probably you'll only see a promise, a potential, a glimmer hidden behind the conditions they live in.

    Respond to this inner potential, ignite their fire, make them aware of their own inner strength, confirm their subtle insights, - show them that they are not alone, that there are others, - help them expand.


Build your own organic network of people who show the sign


This website is a first meeting ground. - Yet we have no intent to organize or to administer anything. Administration always kills the very essence, the very spirit of what it strives to govern.

    Those showing the right signature will easily identify each other, - the same way as people able to see effortlessly locate each other amongst thousands of blind.

    Those showing the right signature will know intuitively what to do. Once you start steering life from an awareness higher than Stage One, you'll intuitively find others and freely group yourselves as inner purpose directs you.

    This is the first task.

    Consecutive tasks will be put forward as time and circumstances advance.

    There is more -
    There is more -

    There is infinitely more -

    Check into this website once in a while, - to see if there's new information, - to share experiences, - to contact others, - to know of events, etc.

    And if this project inspires you, - then start your own site on this subject - in your own language, tailored to the society you live in, in the style you prefer.

    Life always multiplies the energy YOU invest in it.