Copyright Policy

There's No Copyright on CONSCIOUSNESS !

The prime purpose of a book is to share knowledge with others and to inspire. It is  NOT  its major purpose to make money for corporate shareholders.

    Knowledge and experiences we share help others to grow and to expand their scope of life - as our development was helped by the insights of others. This process shouldn't be blocked in any way, or only be available to those with money.

    We also don't subscribe to the idea of posting a sample chapter to whet your appetite and then blackmail you into buying the rest of the book.

    Thus we present the entire book in electronic form.

    If you like it - then - buy the book - for yourself or for a friend, - or send a donation, whatever you feel it's worth to you.

    This enables the author to continue writing, and us to maintain this website and forum. And it also tells us how much this theme interests you.

    And if you don't have money, or don't want to spend it, then - enjoy the wisdom, - and recommend it to others so they may enjoy it as well.

    You may copy the pdf-File and share it with others provided it is for free. You are  NOT  allowed to  CHARGE  for the book and its contents, or use it for any commercial purpose without prior written permission by the publisher. The formal copyright remains with the publisher.