To Conquer a New World

You want to break free from stagnation ?

  • from endless repetitions of daily boredom

  • from greedy cliques proclaiming life to be the product-brands you buy from them

  • from people intent only on drowning us in their administrative bullshit

You sense there should be  MORE TO LIFE  than that

    - but you don't know exactly what to search for
    - and no one seems able to tell you where to find it

Time and again you get this elusive notion . . .

    . . . and this, your very own gut-feeling is dead right.

There ARE other layers to this world -

    . . . offering totally different,  far more exciting visions

    . . . widening your awareness

    . . . providing far greater freedom

    . . . presenting entirely new ways to see, to experience, to live a life far more intriguing, - beyond duty and fettered mind, - a life where we become and can be what we deeply feel within

These other - new - layers are not ruled by flimsy slips of paper called money, or any of its narrow power-games.

    The new layers' currency is fascination, is spirit of adventure, is exansion, is depth of insight, strength of character, sovereignty, shared love and compassion, and - above all - exhilaration.

There's more - far more - to life than money !

Are you ready for a trip into the unknown ? -

  • for a journey of high adventure - with unknown outcome and fabulous novel experiences

  • for meeting new, spirited people with similar sparkle and vivacity who also explore these new layers

  • for facing all you ever desired - and much more

Are you ready - and strong enough - to take real charge of your life?

- Then read on . . .

What your boss, your teachers, priests, politicians and the media don't want you to know

  • is that deep inside of you there's genuine, authentic knowledge about EVERYTHING, - yourself (who you really are), - how this world really functions, - the truth about life's purpose - YOUR  life's purpose, - and infinitely more
  • that this knowledge gives you full power to shape your life along your very own preferences,

        - and to fundamentally rid yourself of all unpleasant, restricting conditions you may experience now

  • that you can access and use this knowledge any time you choose to perceive it

Hidden deep within us are fantastic abilities we're totally
unaware of -

  • giving us immense power to achieve what we are longing for
  • enabling us to fully control our fate
  • opening access to vast, new, unknown and exciting layers of experience

  • giving us insight, freedom, strength, love, joy and sovereignty - far beyond our present range and

  • providing an unerring compass to locate where we are going and how to get there

We are unaware of these abilities because the world simply forgot that they exist.

    Yet  EVERYONE  is capable of activating them  AT ANY TIME  he or she chooses.

    We don't need outside help, - no guru, no special techniques, nor any kind of organization. We just activate abilities we are born with.

    And we can start this very moment. We only need to know how it works, and then simply try out ourselves.

This website shows

  • where and how to find the new layers

  • how to access our hidden abilities

  • how to live life far more intensely than we do now

  • And it offers an entirely new vision
    how this world really functions.


    A long lost manuscript originating far beyond recorded history provides the detailed knowledge which layers we have access to, how to perceive them, and what new experiences they introduce us to. It supplies precise directions how to activate our innate abilities, and how they function.

Author Hermann Kuhn documents this knowledge in his book

- Steer Your Life Into Expansion -

( Crosswind Publishing - ISBN: 978-3-9811466-9-1 )


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